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Motherhood can be considered as the best time or stage in a woman’s life. Many women would love to give up anything in their life just to have this little bundle of life. That is why if you expecting Wholesale Willie Green Jersey , I would say “congratulations” and you are on your way to being a fulltime mom.

Once a woman finds out she is pregnant, she already has that obligation to take care not only of herself but also of the tiny life that is growing inside her tummy. Motherhood cannot be learned in three days or a month. It takes years and years and years.

But with parenting blog, things can be made easier. By reading the parenting advice on Pregnancy, taking care of a newborn Wholesale Zaza Pachulia Jersey , some napping steps, and choking prevention, practical parenting will be achieved.

Taking care of a newborn

Sanitize first. Newborns do not have a strong immune system yet. So it would be best to sanitize one’s hands with alcohol or hand sanitizer before handling the baby.

Support the baby’s head and neck. It is important to be extra careful with these two parts as the baby cannot carry its head yet since it is too small.

Never shake the baby for whatever reason. Shaking the baby may lead to infant death due to bleeding in the brain. If there is a need to wake the baby up, it would be better to tickle him or her.

Fasten the baby onto the carrier or stroller. Avoid accidents by securing the baby in the carrier.

Rough playing is not yet allowed. The baby is too fragile with very soft bones yet.

Napping is an essential part of a baby’s routine. However Wholesale Omri Casspi Jersey , the baby should not be forced to sleep if it does not want to. Otherwise, it may just cause frustration for the mother that may lead her to do things she might regret in the end.

The baby, just like a grownup, will get tired of fiddling with its fingers and hands and will eventually want to sleep. The younger a baby Wholesale Damian Jones Jersey , the longer hours it likes to sleep. And as it grows up, it will sleep less and less.

A real handy piece of parenting advice is to let the baby sleep at its own will. If it sleeps for a very short while, parents should not worry since this is perfectly normal.

As a baby learns to crawl and go around on the floor, the inevitable comes. She is going to learn to put everything her hands get on into her mouth which is also very normal. And this could be a very risky thing. Here are some parenting tips on avoiding choking among children.

Avoid sticky foods like peanuts Wholesale Andre Iguodala Jersey , fruit chunks, meats, cheese, popcorn Wholesale Kevon Looney Jersey , grapes, and others.

Fruits and vegetables have to be cut into small pieces. According to the American Pediatric Association, food fed to children should not be bigger than a dime which is about 1cm wide.

Fruits should be cut into quarters such as grapes and cherries.

Peanut butter is very sticky to the throat. And if a mother wants to feed this to her child, she has to keep it very thin on bread or biscuits.

More parenting tips on safe eating are:

Always teach children that mealtime is not playtime.

Always look out when a child is eating.

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