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Bon Jovi Online Store

This has been a phenomenal time for Bon Jovi and Fans.

Get it Here! Get it While It’s HOT!

Bon Jovi invites you to the Bon Jovi Store, to see some exciting items coming to bonjovionline.com

Or click on the “SHOP” button from bonjovi.com

*Gift Certificates – Here is something new for Holidays. New Bon Jovi Gift Certificate!. Get them a gift certificate! Available to fit any budget, in many different denominations. Each gift certificate is housed in an “Attractive Card” featuring “Bon Jovi”. The perfect gift for the special fan in Your life!

* 2007 Calendar – A special “Have A Nice Day” calendar so that every day of 2007 will be filled with your favorite band. Each month features several full color Photos of the band. There are a limited number of these available, so order yours today!

* Signed Drum Head Plaque – Continuing in our line of special, extremely limited edition collector items. Each plaque is unique and features a drum head from Tico's actual kit used on the recent tour. The heads were played in concert and then removed, autographed by the band and then coupled with one of Tico's signature drum sticks. This is an extremely limited edition item - don't delay!

* Guitar String/Guitar Picks/Passes Plaque - A true spectacular collectible! This framed display features guitar strings that we actually played on stage by Jon and Richie. In addition, we have one of each of their guitar picks! Not content to stop there, we also feature a set of the actual passes that were used on the tour. And the icing on the cake... Both Rich and Jon have Personally autographed each plaque! Very few of these are being produced and these are sure to disappear quickly!

* Autographed Acoustic Guitar/Poker Set Package - Following in the footsteps of our very popular signed guitar series, the band recently took some time out from their Nashville sessions to help create two new sets of autographed guitars. This time, we are offering one of our awesome "Have a Nice Day" Poker Sets as part of the package! These guitar series are very limited. The last two series sold out in less then 24 hours. Don't be disappointed - Go check them out today!

* Gold Plated Albums - As part of an exciting partnership, Bon Jovi has teamed up with California Gold to offer Bon Jovi fans special, limited Edition gold plated albums. There are two variations available. One Celebrating the “fan” and critically acclaimed "Have a Nice Day" album. And two features, the milestone release of "Slippery When Wet".

* Holiday Special Offer Package – WOW LOOK!!! To celebrate the impending holidays, we have put together a special stocking stuffer package especially for you. We took several of our most popular items and put them together for a very special price for a limited time. Each Holiday Special Package includes one of each the following:
* European Tour Program
* Poker Chip Keyring
* Rubber Bracelet
* Color Button Pack
* Closinee Pin Pack
* Key holder with Charm
* The Jersey Syndicate Base Ball Cap
* White and Blue "Photo" T-Shirt
* Girls Red "Dice" BabyTee

(These items are available for viewing at bonjovionline.com)

All of these items if purchased individually would cost $130 but for the special package, you get all of these items for only $70! That is almost 50% off! A limited number of these are available - so order today! Lots of fun things for Bon Jovi fans all over the world! We also have lots of cool merchandise from the recent "Have a Nice Day" world tour! And it is on sale!

* Bon Jovi Bringing Home The Holidays- Check Back Regularly! Stay tuned to see the New Exciting Bon Jovi Holiday Items!

- bonjovi.com

- Text JOVI to 30303 in the U.S. to get Bon Jovi mastertones!

- bonjovi.com

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