#1 Jon Bon Jovi email to fan club members von Sambora 06.03.2009 04:49

Jon sent an email to fan club members on Wednesday. He didn't address the uproar over the overpriced fan club concert, but he did let fans know that new music is being worked on. He wrote in part, "I spent August getting fat and lazy, not wanting to even think about work. It lasted until September when that knock came to my door and to my head. It said 'write you fool, Richie is bored and you are not the stay at home kind of dad as all of the neighbors are'. So, I went off to Los Angeles and we started. As of now we're 12 songs into it. I'm very pleased. In case you're wondering, it's a rock record. A big loud one. John Shanks is set to produce again and we'll begin the demo process right after I ship the reindeer and sleigh back to the attic, I mean North Pole." He did end the note on an ironic note as well in light of those $250 fan club tickets: "I hope you really do find what you're looking for underneath the tree. It doesn't have to cost a thing. It's free. It is a smile. Thanks for bringing me one." Add your own smiling on the way to the bank joke right here. If you missed it yesterday, read more about the fan club controversy here

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