#1 Kleine Online Artikel. von Sambora 18.03.2007 02:14

Alle Fussel die ihr im Internet findet und meint man müsstes wissen..hier hinein damit....

Jon´s successful marriage


Article 'bout JBJ & Diane Lane


August 10, 2006 — CONSPICUOUSLY absent at the “Hollywoodland” premiere in Southampton last weekend was Jon Bon Jovi. The Jersey-born rocker has a place in East Hampton and has been a fixture on the swanky South Fork social scene this summer. But he had good reason to skip this movie, which stars Ben Affleck as original TV “Superman” George Reeves, and Diane Lane as the movie mogul’s wife Reeves was having an affair with when he died under mysterious circumstances in 1959.
When Bon Jovi split from his high school sweetheart, Dorothea Hurley, in the mid-’80s, he had a torrid love affair with Lane that ended very badly. In fact, he wrote “You Give Love a Bad Name” about Lane: “An angel’s smile is what you sell/ You promise me heaven, then put me through hell.”
The heartbreak drove Bon Jovi back into the arms of Hurley, who married him in 1989 and bore him four children.

#2 RE: Kleine Online Artikel. von Bonny 26.04.2007 14:10


Coole idee dieser raum..mal schauen was ich so finden werde im netz..

#3 RE: Kleine Online Artikel. von Sambora 30.05.2007 04:02

Ist zwar nicht ganz Online-Artikel doch für den Schnipzel mach ich keinen neuen Thread auf..

The Big entrevista JON BON JOVI ( with picture)


#4 RE: Kleine Online Artikel. von Bonny 31.05.2007 00:34


Versteh diesen zusammhang nicht mit der überschrift von diesem artikel..Arme Britney..Brauch eine Umarmung..usw

Finde nichts mehr in diesem Artikel was für diese Überschrift passt..mmmhhh

#5 RE: Kleine Online Artikel. von Sambora 15.06.2007 01:04

USA Today Artikel:


Echt schönes Bild bei.

#6 RE: Kleine Online Artikel. von Rosie 16.06.2007 02:33


Interessant und ja das Bild ist wirklich schön.

#7 RE: Kleine Online Artikel. von Bonny 18.06.2007 21:16


Japp dem zustimm...einfach nur schön...*hüpf*

#8 RE: Kleine Online Artikel. von Sambora 11.09.2007 03:54

Print article
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Movie & Entertainment News provided by World Entertainment News Network (http://www.wenn.com)
2007-09-10 13:51:13 -

U.S. rocker JON BON JOVI is stunned the ROLLING STONES have carried on touring into their 60s - insisting he plans to bow out before he's too old.
The 45-year-old hitmaker insists he will stop performing when he hits his sixties to concentrate on studio work, unlike the veteran British rockers.
He says, "I can't see myself touring as extensively as I do now - God bless The Stones for doing what they do, but 64 and playing at a festival? Astounding.
"I do think that I'm a creative guy, so I'll always want to write records.
Frank Sinatra went on doing that well into his eighties." (NLI/RAG/JC) WENN - THIRD - HOLLYWOOD, SHOWBIZ & PEOPLE NEWS - 10 SEPTEMBER 2007[/list:u]



[list]Dissed by our own
Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 09/8/07
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Jon Bon Jovi's digs in Middletown. Bruce Springsteen's spread in Colts Neck. The governor's beach house at Island Beach State Park. All would be ideal settings to celebrate the end of summer.

So where does Bon Jovi host his party last Saturday night? At his place in the Hamptons on Long Island, complete with Springsteen, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel and a roster of music giants. Yes, New Jersey can't get no respect even from the state's biggest rock stars. And who else showed up? Gov. Corzine.

Oh, there are explanations. Bon Jovi has a place in East Hampton, so why not throw a dinner party for some friends there? Corzine vacations on Long Island because his girlfriend has a home there and his children live or stay nearby.

Aren't they concerned how that reflects on New Jersey? Tourism is the state's third largest industry — generating $37.6 billion last year — yet the governor spends his time off elsewhere. Bon Jovi's Grammy-winning song, "Who Says You Can't Go Home," has been the centerpiece of the state's tourism campaign this year. Bon Jovi and Springsteen have spiced their concerts with Jersey references, have raised millions for charities and own homes here, yet they party out of state.

Of course, Corzine isn't the first governor found dissing the Jersey coastline for summertime enjoyment. Thomas H. Kean took plenty of heat for staying at his place on Fishers Island in Long Island Sound while he was touting "New Jersey and You: Perfect Together" during his tenure in the '80s.

If nothing else, the whole shebang provides fresh fodder for the late-night comics. That keeps New Jersey in the limelight. Even a backhanded compliment is better than none.[/list:u]

#9 RE: Kleine Online Artikel. von Sambora 16.09.2007 01:34

[list]Springsteen And Bon Jovi Fight Homelessness On Benefit Album

Wednesday September 12, 2007
By: ChartAttack.com Staff

Natalie Merchant and friends

Natalie Merchant, Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen are among the artists
included on Give Us Your Poor, a benefit album set for release on Sept.
25 through Appleseed Recordings to aid various homeless programs across
the U.S.

The album, recorded over a three-day period last September, partners
well-known musicians with those who are or have previously been
homeless. Demo recordings from around the U.S. were collected, with
Merchant selecting finalists from a batch of 50 original songs. Of the
19 tracks on the album, 16 are previously unreleased. The record also
includes spoken-word pieces by actors Danny Glover and Tim Robbins.

"Something that's been phenomenal about doing this session is that the
musicians didn't really know each other," says Merchant. "We didn't know
the song, we didn't know the arrangement, we didn't know what direction
we were going in, and I would say probably half the people involved
never stepped in a recording studio before."

The process was filmed for an upcoming documentary, but an eight-minute
excerpt can be found on Merchant's website.

Here are the tracks on Give Us Your Poor:

Jon Bon Jovi and Mighty Sam McClain — "Show Me The Way"
Keb' Mo' and Eagle Park Slim — "Baby Don't Let Me Go Homeless"
Natalie Merchant & Friends — "There Is No Good Reason"
Bruce Springsteen and Pete Seeger — "Hobo's Lullaby"
Sonya Mitchell — "So Lonely"
Michelle Shocked and Michael Sullivan — "Becky's Tune"
Bonnie Raitt and Weepin' Willie Robinson — "Walking The Dog"
Danny Glover — "My Name Is Not `Those People'"
Madeleine Peyroux — "I Think It's Going To Rain Today"
Del Goldfarb and John Sebastian — "Portable Man"
Dan Zanes and Kyla Middleton — "Boll Weevil"
Buffalo Tom — "Ink Falling (Father Outside)"
Sweet Honey In The Rock — "Stranger Blues"
Jewel — "1,000,000 Miles Away"
Tim Robbins — "Impossible Boulevard"
Mario Frangoulis — "Feels Like Home"
Danny Glover — "When We Left Minneapolis"
Mark Erelli — "Here And Now"
—Jason MacNeil[/list:u]

[list]BJ concert to benefit Parker Family Health Center

The Parker Family Health Center in Red Bank will host its first benefit concert Friday, Oct. 26, with "The Bon Jovi Concert." The concert will be the grand opening of Newark's Prudential Center Arena. Proceeds from the benefit will support the Parker Family Health Center's mission to provide free medical care to Monmouth County residents who do not have medical insurance or the ability to pay for medical care. For tickets, dinner packages, an exclusive cocktail party with Jon Bon Jovi and special sponsorship packages, contact (732) 212-0777, ext. 110.[/list:u]

#10 RE: Kleine Online Artikel. von Sambora 17.10.2008 18:16

Republikaner missbrauchen Bon Jovi!

Hier der Artikel zur Ueberschrift.


#11 RE: Kleine Online Artikel. von Bliss 18.10.2008 10:14


Na ganz toll...also die Band kriegt's im Moment auch ab wa?

#12 RE: Kleine Online Artikel. von Bonny 25.10.2008 23:39


boh das ist ja wohl ne frechheit..was bilden die sich eigendlich ein..ne ne so einfach geht das ja nun mal garnicht..grrr

#13 RE: Kleine Online Artikel. von Sambora 14.02.2009 01:25

Jon Bon Jovi wird am 12. März live bei der Hanna & Friends "St. Patrick's Day Gala" im Waldorf- Astoria in New York auftreten.

Hanna & Friends ist eine gemeinnützige Organisation, welche die Lebensqualität von Kindern und Eltern mit speziellen Bedürfnissen verbessert.

Quelle: hannahandfriends.org/calendar.html


Jon Bon Jovi wird in die New Jersey Hall Of Fame aufgenommen. Laut dem Onlinedienst "DigitalSpy.co.uk" geht die Aufnahme-Zeremonie im Mai im New Jersey Performing Arts Centre in Newark über die Bühne.

Quelle: Google

#14 RE: Kleine Online Artikel. von Sambora 29.04.2009 03:10

Jon Bon Jovi: Leg dich nicht mit deiner Frau an!

Kult-Rocker Jon Bon Jovi scherzt, dass seine Ehe mit Dorothea Hurley nur deswegen seit fast 20 Jahren hält, weil er Angst vor ihr hat.

Hiebe statt Liebe? Jon Bon Jovi hat Angst vor seiner Ehefrau.

Der erfolgreiche Musiker scherzt in einem Interview, dass er nur deswegen seit 20 Jahren mit Hurley verheiratet ist, weil er sich nicht traut, sie zu verärgern.

"Lasst mich das richtig stellen, jetzt gleich: Ich habe Angst vor meiner Frau", benennt der 47-Jährige das Geheimnis seiner Ehe.

Nächste Woche begehen Jon Bon Jovi und Hurley ihren zwanzigsten Hochzeitstag und der Star Gatte lässt verlauten, glücklicher als jemals zuvor zu sein.

"Die beste Investition, die ich je gemacht habe. Glaubt mir, sie ist die Beste. Ich bin sehr glücklich", sagt der liebestolle Rocker.

Die beiden geben sich seit jeher Mühe, ihre Liebe nicht in der Öffentlichkeit zu leben. Schon ihre Hochzeit 1989 fand in einer geheimen Zeremonie in der Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas statt.

Quelle: gala.de

#15 RE: Kleine Online Artikel. von Bliss 03.05.2009 13:12


Na ich denke net dass er wirklich Angst vor ihr hat Das war sicherlich eher n Scherz Klar ohne sie würd er wahrscheinlich net so klarkommen, allein schon wegen den Kids. Aber was ich gut finde, dass er seine Familie schön aus der Öffentlichkeit raushält und sie überwiegend ihre Ruhe haben.

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